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6 Ways How You Can Boost App Numbers To Your Job Postings (1 Tip Helps By 22%!)

Job applications have been difficult to attract with the candidate shortages. Follow these steps to ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

When you’re competing against thousands of other job postings for a pretty scarce labour pool, it can be difficult to pull through strong applications numbers. However, by following these simple principles you can give yourself the best chance possible, so let's dive right in.

Make sure the role is 'hireable'

Before posting the advert, make sure that the client has made the vacancy as attractive as possible.

The reason for this is because candidates are a hotly contested commodity and if a position isn’t paid well enough or lacks certain perks that others are providing, your advert will struggle.

What perk do you value the most as a candidate?

  • Healthcare scheme e.g. BUPA

  • A company car

  • A more generous holiday allowance

  • Hybrid working

What shall I put down as the title?

For a job posting, ensure that you're using the most accurate and commonly used job-title. This has a huge bearing on the job listings ranking on the major websites, so it's important to get this right and avoid any unnecessary additions. If you don’t use the best title possible, then you may see your listing floundering on page 5 and receiving little love from candidates.

Paint the picture for the candidate

You'll find that most successful job adverts also list out what the key roles and responsibilities are for the position. Candidates want to get a picture of what they'll actually be doing on a day-to-day basis.

Will the role primarily be cold-calling prospects or renewing existing accounts? Is it remote working or are you in the swanky London office every-day of the week? It's vital that you translate this well to the candidate, as it'll also deter those who may otherwise join and leave within the first week.

Keep the job descriptions punchy and concise

With the rise of social-media, the modern day job-seeker isn’t exactly famous for their long attention-spans. That’s why when posting a job-advert you need to translate the benefits and attractiveness of the role as fast as possible. Candidates tend to scan through the listings within a matter of seconds, so win them over fast.

”Shorter job posts receive 8.4% more applications per view than average.” LinkedIn

Don't hide the salary!

By hiding the salary, you're going to be cutting the applications down by a huge 22%. Even if the salary may not be quite as impressive as other listings out there, the candidates really appreciate this kind of transparency and in turn they'll be more likely to go ahead and apply for the position.

Provide your contact details in case they have any further questions

Another good tip for a successful job listing is to include your contact information in case the candidate wants to discuss the role further with you. It's very useful if candidates have questions about the role and sets a nice line of communication early doors.

Please feel free to reach out either in the comment section below or via email to if you have any questions.

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